Woolly Caterpillar

Abstract from the Real

Woolly Caterpillar | Macro Photography

The woolly caterpillar found with black and brown coloured fur on its body was captured with a sunset background. The macro photography of this woolly caterpillar got to create abstract shapes and textures in the frame. Resulting some of the photographs in this series to be one of the best ways to capture abstract photography of a macro. The hairy skin of this insect with background lighting displays the variable shapes. Each frame describes the silhouette photography effect in it.


There are various species of caterpillars found of which this type of caterpillar is known to be the woolly bear caterpillar. These caterpillars are also known as woolly worms or woolly bears due to the hairy appearance they have. The myth considered in some part of the world about this woolly caterpillar is that the brown and black ratio indicates the weather condition. More the black fur indicates harsh winter while more brown indicates mild winter. And some considers these difference in the colour ratio of the fur just states the different types of caterpillars.

Usually, these hairy caterpillars are active during daytime. While this particular caterpillar in the photograph was active in motion at the end of the day.